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Blind Date with a Book

What is Blind Date with a Book?

We've curated a collection of books and wrapped them so it's a mystery what you're checking out. Some years they all have a common theme, like books made into movies, under 200 pages, intriguing first lines, or just given their genres. See this year's advertising for hints. Inside each book we've included a "Rate Your Date" slip for you to complete when you return your book.

All titles are from our adult fiction or large print collections unless otherwise marked.


How does it work?

Select a specially marked book across from the circulation desk. We checkout the item like normal and you unwrap the book when you get home. Each title has a "Rate Your Date" slip inside the cover. After reading complete the slip and return it inside the book when you're done. We always appreciate feedback on your "date" but it isn't required to participate. Then simply return the book and maybe consider going on another blind date or two.


Why should I try Blind Date with a Book?

It is totally for fun. We often get patrons who don't know what to read next. This is also a great way for adventurous readers, or those in a reading slump, to try something new and maybe find a new author or genre they may not have read before. 


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