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Princeville 50k in May

50k in May - WEB

Open to all ages and all activity levels - walk, run, bike, or workout. Join the Princeville 50k in May virtual challenge to stay fit and active!

Fitness classes may be postponed and gyms may be closed, but the sidewalks and the Rock Island Trail are open. There's no better way to social distance than going for a walk around the neighborhood, following along to a workout video, lifting weights, or biking the Trail. 

What is a Virtual Challenge?

A virtual challenge is a challenge that can be accomplished from any location and with any workout you choose. You can run, walk, jog, bike, follow a workout video, lift weights in your basement, etc. As long as you stay active, you'll defeat the challenge!

The rules are simple:

  • Run, walk, jog, bike or exercise on your own time at your own pace
  • Keep track of each kilometer/minute you are active. Download the log below or use an app to record each distance.
  • Stack up 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) by May 30.
  • Connect with us and other participants by tagging your photos #Princeville50k on social media

Mile Converter Info
Not a runner? That's OK! If you'd rather lift weights, go for a family walk, ride your bike, or follow a workout video online, you still count it toward your goal. Minutes go by 10 minute increments with each 10 min = 1 kilometer. The form has an easy calculation to convert minutes to kilometers if you choose to use minutes instead of kilometers.

50k=31 miles     1k=.62 mile

Kilometer/Minute converter for walking, biking, etc: 10 minutes = 1k

Calculation: X Min divided by 10 multiplied by 1 Kilometer = X Kilometers
Examples: 10 Min=1 Kilometer / 30 Min=3 Kilometers / 45 Min=4.5 Kilometers / 60 Min=6 Kilometers

This challenge is open to all ages and all activity levels.

Keep Track of your Kilometers

It’s easy to keep track of your Princeville 50k in May activities. You can

Join the Princeville 50k in May virtual challenge to stay fit and active!


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