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LME Library purchased a 20’x40’ tent with a grant from the American Library Association (ALA) as part of the association’s Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries initiative The tent is available to local organizations and cardholders and can
be checked out with an adult LME Library card. 

.pdf of Tent Resources can be downloaded here

When setting up the LME Library Tent, please review and familiarize yourself with these resources:


  1. Manual—please note: stake lines should be set 5 ft. from tent
  2. Tent Squaring Procedures


  1. Tent Squaring & Pre-Staking Procedures Tutorial, Video 14 (8:15)
  2. Pre-Positioning Side Poles, Video 17 (0:40)
  3. Tent Pole Basics: How to Set Corner Poles & Leave Slack for Center Pole, Video 7 (3:33)
  4. Tent Pole Basics: How to Tie a Jump Rope, Video 5 (1:38)
  5. Tent Pole Basics: How to Install Center Poles, Video 6 (1:35)
  6. Tent Pole Basics: Tensioning Methods, Video 1 (11:08)

2-3 people are needed to square up and pre-stake the tent. 3-4 people are needed to set up. The basic set-up video should be watched by all: Specs are at: 


For maximum life of the Tent, please:

  1. Always use the drop cloth during installation and dismantling.
  2. Do not walk on the tent fabric at any time.
  3. Cover the tent post pin with your hand when maneuvering the post so that the pin does not tear or damage the tent fabric.
  4. Always attach the jump ropes to the poles to ensure that the wind does not lift the tent off the pole pins.
  5. Fold the tent as directed by Manufacturer - Video 22 (1:48) 


WARNING: Be aware of overhead obstructions and underground utilities when installing a tent. Installers are cautioned to review the resources summarized, review the conditions at the proposed site, and plan accordingly.  By law, you are required to contact JULIE. It’s a free service that could save you time, costly utility repairs, and even your life. Online or over the phone, JULIE’s request system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply submit an E-Request to avoid possible hold times or call 811.


When putting the tent away, please review the following:

  1. Manual
  2. Folding and Rolling a 20'x40' Pole Tent, Video 22 (1:48) 
  3. How to use the manual stake puller (0:57)


There are additional YouTube videos from Celina Tent (28 videos) at:

Quick pole tent installation overview:

Importance of drop cloths:


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