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Peoria Riverfront Museum Pass

Peoria Riverfront Museum pass available for checkout at LME Library

Thanks to sponsorship from the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s Visionary Society, the Lillie M. Evans Library cardholders can now borrow a pass to the Peoria Riverfront Museum!

LME Library has one pass which is available to be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis to patrons with a valid LME Library card. The pass can be used on the day of checkout or the following day. The pass includes general admission to all exhibits, galleries, and daytime planetarium shows for two adults and their children or grandchildren.*

Passes cannot be reserved or checked out online or over the phone. Passes must be checked out in person at the library. Please visit LME Library to find out current pass availability. Library staff will be able to check if it is available and also check out the pass.

Please note that passes are non-transferable. Borrowing patrons will be asked for photo identification and their library card to gain admission to the museum.

*Covers admission to the galleries and planetarium. Additional charges for special exhibits or giant screen theater shows may apply. Children and grandchildren must be under age 18.


Our pass is for LME Library’s cardholders only.

The LME library card account must be in good standing to checkout a pass. Patrons who have blocks on their library card due to fines or billed items will not be allowed to check out museum passes.

Borrowing patrons will be asked for photo identification and their library card to gain admission to the museum. If checking out to an adult/adult card that would have a photo ID, check ADULT. If checking out to a child card that wouldn’t have an ID, check CHILD. The Riverfront Museum will still ask to see the library card used for checkout.

Abuse of pass use may result in the patron's suspension from the program.

Please note that the pass must be used on or before the expiration date. Passes are good for admission on the day of checkout or the following day. Do not include days the museum is closed. (See calendar.)

The LME Library may not check out another pass on the same day that someone checks one out or the day after (essentially, the days the previous pass is good for). To track this, we have a calendar that we maintain at the desk.

Passes MAY NOT BE DUPLICATED, are non-transferrable, must be used by the patron checking out the pass, and may only be used once. Passes cannot be reissued if lost.

The pass cannot be renewed, but does not need to be returned. Museum staff will retain the pass upon use.

There are no fees or fines associated with the pass.

Peoria Riverfront Museum would like for the patron’s email to be on the document. If a patron doesn’t have an email, it is not essential, but they would like the option to have it. 

At the end of the 2018, the museum would like to evaluate the program and make sure it is working for them and also get feedback from the libraries.


MUSEUM HOURS as of 3/20/18

SUNDAY............................Noon - 5 pm


TUESDAY..........................10 am - 5 pm

WEDNESDAY...................10 am - 9 pm

THURSDAY.......................10 am - 5 pm

FRIDAY..............................10 am - 5 pm

SATURDAY........................10 am - 5 pm

*2018 Mondays open: Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 5, Apr 2 and summerlong May 28 through Sep 3

Museum Galleries and Planetarium closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and Easter

FREE PARKING inside covered garage off of Water Street!



222 SW Washington St, Peoria, IL 61602

Phone: 309.686.7000



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Kindness Rocks Garden

Kindness Rocks Garden - WEB 

What are Kindness Rocks?

  • Rocks with fun, motivational, inspirational, or positive messages on them to brighten someone's day. "One message at the right time can change your entire day...outlook...LIFE!" is a quote from the original The Kindness Project.


How did you come up with this idea?

  • There is a local group of rock painters & finders called WTP Rocks on Facebook (you must request membership to see their posts). The group paints and hides rocks all over Woodford, Tazwell, and Peoria Counties. They are a spinoff of the original movement called The Kindness Rocks Project.

Sounds fun! How can I participate?

  • Grab some blank rocks from our Kindness Garden (in planter in front of Village Foods on Evans St) or your local hardware store and give them a quick wash. Paint kind messages or images on the front of it then write WTP Rocks on FB & #LME on the back. Then add a coat of clear sealer. Once it's all dry, place it in our Kindness Garden or hide it to unexpectedly brighten someone day. 
  • For more fun, take a picture of the rocks you're hiding or placing in the garden. If you find a rock take a picture of it and post to the WTP Rocks page so the painter knows it has been found. Also, if you pick one up from a Kindness Garden, and decide to keep it, post a picture to put a smile on the painters face. WTP Rocks has had their rocks travel to many different states and the group has also found some from other states that wound up here!
  • When you find a rock, take a picture and post to WTP Rocks on Facebook.  Then rehide it for someone else to find--spread the joy!

Kids Calendar (18 Mo - 5th Grade)

Additional Programs (including all ages events) can be found
under the complete calendar of events.


2017 Rebecca Caudill Vote!


You may only vote one time; only your first vote will be counted.

In order to vote you MUST have turned in your log with the 3 or more books you read to the Lillie M. Evans Library or your language arts teacher.


Monthly Events

Click the small arrow at the far right of the calendar (by the Agenda tab) to customize what age groups of programs are displayed. If you click on a program you can add it to your Google Calendar so you don't forget.

All programs are held at the Lillie M. Evans Library, (207 N Walnut, Princeville, IL 61559) unless otherwise noted.

Note: Attendance at Library events constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Lillie M. Evans Library District.

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