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Kindness Rocks Garden

Kindness Rocks Garden - WEB 

What are Kindness Rocks?

  • Rocks with fun, motivational, inspirational, or positive messages on them to brighten someone's day. "One message at the right time can change your entire day...outlook...LIFE!" is a quote from the original The Kindness Project.


How did you come up with this idea?

  • There is a local group of rock painters & finders called WTP Rocks on Facebook (you must request membership to see their posts). The group paints and hides rocks all over Woodford, Tazwell, and Peoria Counties. They are a spinoff of the original movement called The Kindness Rocks Project.

Sounds fun! How can I participate?

  • Grab some blank rocks from our Kindness Garden (in planter in front of Village Foods on Evans St) or your local hardware store and give them a quick wash. Paint kind messages or images on the front of it then write WTP Rocks on FB & #LME on the back. Then add a coat of clear sealer. Once it's all dry, place it in our Kindness Garden or hide it to unexpectedly brighten someone day. 
  • For more fun, take a picture of the rocks you're hiding or placing in the garden. If you find a rock take a picture of it and post to the WTP Rocks page so the painter knows it has been found. Also, if you pick one up from a Kindness Garden, and decide to keep it, post a picture to put a smile on the painters face. WTP Rocks has had their rocks travel to many different states and the group has also found some from other states that wound up here!
  • When you find a rock, take a picture and post to WTP Rocks on Facebook.  Then rehide it for someone else to find--spread the joy!

Kids Calendar (18 Mo - 5th Grade)

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2017 Rebecca Caudill Vote!


You may only vote one time; only your first vote will be counted.

In order to vote you MUST have turned in your log with the 3 or more books you read to the Lillie M. Evans Library or your language arts teacher.


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All programs are held at the Lillie M. Evans Library, (207 N Walnut, Princeville, IL 61559) unless otherwise noted.

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LME Library Groundbreaking Ceremony October 11, 2016

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