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Summer Reading Program 2017!

  Murphy tab1-GettingStarted color 300Summer of Discovery 2017! 

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LME Read-to-Me Program

Curato LittleElliot Hello

Color in one medal every time you share a book together. When you complete 10 medals your child will get a prize. When all 20 of the medals are colored in your child will get a book to keep from a special collection provided by the library.

Program runs May 30 - July 8

Final day to turn in logs is JULY 8 @ 1 pm.


>>>Printable LME Read-to-Me Log<<<

K-5th Grade Summer Program

Girouard BW M-N SM

Participants will read to fill 90-minute meter bars on their logs. For each bar they fill they may check-in. They will spin the wheel, put your name and minutes on a ticket for the Jell-O Challenge 2, and donate a book to Princeville District 326 for use in the grade school library or classrooms. Readers may check-in with their progress one time per day. Complete 4 bars (360 minutes) to qualify to attend the pool party.

IF we reach our goal of 19,270 minutes total we will draw a name at random to choose whether do dump ewwey, gooey Jell-O on Mrs. Routh's, aka Ms. Anita, head or their own!

Pool Party Info: Only readers fulfilling LME summer reading requirements in the K-5th program may attend the pool party for free. Immediate family may attend at a reduced rate of $2/child; $3/adult (no cousins, friends, or neighbors please). There is no charge for parents to enter to observe only. Readers that fulfilled the LME summer reading requirements will also get snacks and a prize pack. Additional family members in attendance will not receive snacks or prize packs so please plan accordingly.

Read your 360-minute goal and turn in your log by July 8th to earn entry to the pool party. DON'T STOP THERE!!! Keep reading to earn more prizes, donate more books, and help fill the Jell-O Challenge 2 meter !

Frequently asked questions are answered on the back of the log sheet.

Program runs May 30 - July 8

Final day to turn in logs is SATURDAY DAY, JULY 8 @ 1p.

>>>K-5th Grade Log<<<

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Summer Creators' Showcase (6th-12th Grade)

4 -Murphy teen color 300New this year, we'll be doing a Summer Creator's Showcase. Signup to create something for display in the showcase on July 21st. There are many categories to choose from including 3D models and sculptures, drawings & paintings, yarncraft & clothing, written & performed pieces, or work with friends to refinish & redecorate furniture for the teen area.

To be entered to win the Grand Prize you must complete a project for display in the showcase by July 17th. Grand Prize drawing will be held at the showcase, July 21st.

Program runs May 30 - July 17

Completed projects are due MONDAY, JULY 17 @ 8p.

>>>REGISTER HERE!!! SELECT "6th-12 Creators' Showcase"<<<

>>>Creators' Showcase Project Log<<<

>>>TeenSpace Blog & Events<<<

Adult Summer Reading Program

reading on swing png-ZF-10532-15755-1-070bRead (or listen to) 6 books and write a short review about why you did/didn't like it. Adults who have completed their log will be eligible to win the Summer Prize Basket! Earn a bonus entry by browsing the library during the Heritage Days Art Show and signing the guest book.

Program runs June 1 - July 17 


>>>Printable Adult Reading Log<<<


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