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Board of Trustees

Board Members

Gayle Johnson-Brackett - President  2019-2023
Ellen Cluskey - Vice President 2019-2023
Joanne Cox  2019-2023 
Deb Givens - Secretary  2017-2021 
Teresa Bouton 2019-2023
Zach Waldis 2019-2021 (elected to fill an incomplete term)
Diane Smith - Treasurer 2017-2021

Contact the LME Library Board at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Board of Trustees meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held at the library, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Meeting dates, 2019-2020.pdf


Joint Meeting Notice 6/14/19: There will be a joint meeting of the Board of Education of Princeville Community Unit School District #326, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Princeville, and the Lillie M. Evans Library District Board of Trustees on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 7:00pm, at Princeville Junior Senior High School, PJHS Collaboration Area. The purpose of the joint meeting is the communication of plans for our community. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Agenda is available here.

Annual Inspiration Celebration (posted 6/14/19): The Library will be hosting our 10th annual Inspiration Celebration with the staff and board on Friday, July 19, 2019 from 5-7 pm. The Celebration allows us to review our accomplishment from the past year and review the long range plan goals for the next fiscal years. The agenda is available here.


The Board of Trustees of the Lillie M. Evans Library District minutes:

July 18, 2019-agenda.pdf

June 13, 2019-minutes.pdf

May 9, 2019-minutes.pdf
April 11, 2019-minutes.pdf
March 14, 2019-minutes.pdf
February 14, 2019-minutes.pdf
January 17, 2019-minutes.pdf | January 17, 2019-Joint Board meeting minutes.pdf
December 13, 2018-minutes.pdf
November 8, 2018-minutes.pdf
October 11, 2019-minutes.pdf
September 13, 2018-minutes.pdf
August 9, 2018-minutes.pdf
July 19, 2018-minutes.pdf | Joint Board meeting July 19, 2018-minutes.pdf
Inspiration Celebration June 29, 2019-minutes.pdf 
June 14, 2018-minutes.pdf
May 10, 2018-minutes.pdf
April 12, 2018-minutes.pdf
March 8, 2018-minutes.pdf
Feb 8, 2018-minutes.pdf
January 18, 2018-minutes.pdfJoint Board meeting January 18, 2018-minutes.pdf
December 14, 2017-minutes.pdf
November 9, 2017-minutes.pdf
October 12, 2017-minutes.pdf
September 13, 2017-minutes.pdf
August 10, 2017-minutes.pdf
July 20, 2017-minutes.pdf | Joint Board meeting July 20, 2017-minutes.pdf


2020-1 Meeting Dates (.pdf)
2020-2 Building and Maintenance (.pdf)
2019-3 Budget & Appropriation (.pdf) 
2019-4 Levy (.pdf)

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